Meet the Coaches



Mr. Rahul Ganapathy

Rahul has had an illustrious playing career during which he won multiple tournaments on the professional tour. He also holds the Indian scoring record of 12 under. He attained the No. 1 rank at the Professional, Amateur and Junior level.  He bagged the All India Amateur Championship in 1999 and went on to represent the nation in several international tournaments.

He has been coaching for 13 years now, during which he has worked with several tour players, amateurs and juniors. He was the manager of the Hyderabad team during the Louis Phillippe Cup. He ran the KGA Junior Program for four years had over 120 students, making it one of the best programs ever conducted in the city. As a coach he has worked with over 1000 golfers.


Mr. Praduman Singh Guleria

Praduman is a former professional golfer who played on the Indian and Asian Tours. He represented the country in two World Championships.

Praduman is a proficient coach and club fitter with a TPI Level 2 and CAPTO certification. With an experience of 10 years in club fitting, he has worked extensively on the equipment of over 20 players on tour including Shubhankar Sharma and Ajeetesh Sandhu. He follows the principles of Proprioception and Positive Correlation to fit out players. He has been a coach to several professional and competition level players in Delhi and Chandigarh.



Mr. Madhusudhan CS

Madhu is a NGAI certified coach, with over 9 years of coaching experience. He has worked extensively with beginners and competitive junior players. He gets his philosophies of golf coaching from his mentor Rahul, who he shadowed for over 15 years. Having played on the PGTI for 3 years, he brings a great mix of feel and technique to his lessons. His fun-loving nature makes him the favourite with all our junior and sub-junior players.


Mr. Prannoy K. S. Jagati

Prannoy heads the Marketing and Promotions of the company. He has been teaching golf for over 5 years. Starting off as an apprentice to Praduman, he gained experience in the facets Coaching and Club Fitting. He also did a short stint at the Jaypee Greens Golf Academy as a Junior Coach and Club Builder. He has worked alongside Praduman on the equipment of several touring professionals. He has a vast experience starting out beginners and conducting Junior Development Programs. Being a former footballer and gymnast, he works on the fitness programs for juniors and sub juniors.


Mr. Suresh

Suresha is a NGAI certified Coach, with 7 years of teaching experience. He has worked with several senior coaches during this period and trained several beginners and junior competition level players. He has played on the PGTI for two years and has also caddied professionally for another two. His short game skills are magical, making him the Chip-Putt star of the Academy.