Conditions of Play

Age Eligibility/Criteria for Epic Golf Tour

(a) All amateur players conforming in all respects to the rules of Amateur status as laid down by the R & A Rules Ltd (Boys & Girls), between the ages of 4 to 17 yrs (must have completed 4 yrs & not completed their 18th birthday on or before the start of the tournament) are eligible to play. A player’s age  will determine his/her age bracket, for a tournament. It is mandatory for all players to submit valid age  proof.

(b) Entries via email or online entry form.

(c) Invalid/incomplete entries will not be accepted.

(d) Age restriction in each category will be strictly adhered to when accepting entries.

Age Categories

(a) Category  A: 15 – 17 yrs

(b) Category B: 13 – 14 yrs

(c) Category C: 11 – 12 yrs

(d) Category D: 9-10 yrs

(e) Category E: 8 yrs & below

Please Note: Boys and Girls will participate in the same category in case there are less than 4 juniors in any category.


18 Holes Stroke Play: Categories A, B, C & D

9 Holes Stoke Play: Category E

The player with the lowest gross score for the tournament shall be the winner. In the event of a tie or ties for the first place, there will be “Sudden Death” Play off, hole by hole, immediately after the completion of the stipulated round. Epic Golf will decide the sequence of the play off.

Rules of Play

The event shall be conducted in accordance with rules of R & A in conjunction with local rules of the Host Club.

Interpretation of Conditions of Play

Epic Golf will be the sole authority to interpret the conditions for this competition and to give decisions on any query, which may arise out of them. Any matter not covered under the conditions of play will be decided and its decision will be final & binding on all participants. Epic Golf also reserves the right to fix/alter starting times.


Tee offs for all categories shall be posted online and sent via email to all participants . Epic Golf reserves the right to alter the draw and change the grouping to facilitate smooth conduct of the tournament.

Time of Reporting/Starting

It is the responsibility of the individual Player to find out his/her starting time from the web site . All players are required to report at respective Tees/Starter’s desk 15 min before their respective Tee-Off time.

A scorecard is deemed official once the Player leaves the scoring area.

Players are reminded of their responsibilities under Rule 6-6b which states:-

“Signing and Returning Card: After completion of the round, the competitor should check their score for each hole and settle any doubtful points with the Referee. They shall ensure that the marker has signed the card, countersign the card themselves and return it as soon as possible.

No parent or spectator is allowed in the scoring area at any time.

Award Ceremony/Prizes/Ties

a) Prize distribution ceremony will be held within one hour of completion of play. Trophies & Certificates of Merit shall be awarded to the Winner & Runners up in each Category, (Best Gross scores).

b) In the event of a tie for first place, the players tying shall, as soon as possible after the announcement of the tie, participate in a play-off, hole-by-hole, until the winner is decided (“sudden-death”).

Electronic Devices/Mob Phones

Usage of Mobile Phones/electronic devices/sky caddies/range finders/binoculars etc on course, during competition, is strictly prohibited. Penalty for first offence: DISQUALIFICATION.

Exception: Mobile Phones can be used in case of emergency or to call the Tournament Director/ Referee.