Fact Sheet – 5th Junior Golf Tournament – August 2018

5th Junior Golf Tournament – 1 Day Individual Strokeplay Championship

Dates: 19th August 2018 – Sunday
Tee-off: Shotgun Start – 12 pm


  • Reporting Time:  10:45 am
  • Registration: 11 am to 11:30 am
  • Snacks: 11:10 am to 11:45 am
  • Tee-Off: Shotgun Start: 12:00 pm
  • Lunch/Snacks: Post round of Golf

Venue: Clover Greens Golf Course
Entry Fee: ₹ 2600/- per participant
Fee Includes: Caddy Fees / Snacks / Lunch for the Participants
No of Holes: 9 Holes (E) / 18 Holes (A,B,C & D)
Please note: Minimum of 4 Girls or Boys required to form a separate category. If the minimum criteria is not met, Boy and Girls Category will be combined.

The Tournament will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A of St Andrews and the local rules of Host Club. 

Prize Presentation & Lunch

Venue: Club House: 5:30 pm (Approximately)
Snacks/ Lunch for Participants: Included in Entry Fees
Guests: Chargeable

Practice Privileges:

50 Balls: Rs. 50/- for warm up

Tee Boxes:

Black Category A Boys
Blue Category A Girls & Category B Boys
White Category B & C Girls
Red Category D – Boys & Girls
Special Front Tee-boxes Category E

The above yardages are approximate. Course set –up can change prior to the event; this includes yardages that may be adjusted to offset inclement weather or other golf course conditions (i.e wet, damp or favourable conditions)

Tournament Referee

The Tournament Chief Referee’s decision on all matters pertaining to the Rules of Golf is final. 

Recording of Scores

All Scorecards (issued by the Tournament Committee) must be completed and signed and submitted within 15 minutes of completion of the stipulated round. Epic Golf may provide markers for players in any category, as it deems fit. These will be assigned for cross-checking purposes only. However, the correct recording of scores will be the responsibility of the players, as per the Rules of Golf – Rule 6-6. 6

Dress Code

Boys: Shirts / T-shirts with collars (including Chinese and high ribbed collars) and sleeves, trousers or golf shorts, sports shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes, Caps, if worn, must be with the peak in front.

Girls: Skirts, trousers, golf shorts; golf T-Shirts, sports shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes.

Note: No player shall be permitted to wear round neck, sleeveless shirts/T-shirts without collars, sweatpants, jeans, cut-offs, athletic shorts, sports shoes, halter tops, tank tops, fishnet tops, low cut T-shirts/blouses and golf shoes with metal spikes. Ladies are permitted to wear collarless/sleeveless shirts. Please note we kindly request all juniors and parents to kindly follow the dress code.


Own Caddies permitted except: Playing or Teaching Professional and existing IGU Tour players are NOT allowed to Caddy for a Player during the tournament.

Electronic Devices/Mobile Phones

Usage of Mobile Phones/electronic devices/sky caddies/range finders/binoculars etc on course, during the competition, is strictly prohibited. The penalty for the first offense: DISQUALIFICATION.

Exception: Mobile Phones can be used in case of emergency or to call the Tournament Director/ Referee.