Epic Golf Teaching Systems

Epic Golf represents our teaching systems that have been carefully created by our senior coaches as a result of their learning and playing experience of over 30 years. Having taken the best practices in golf, they have put together a unique system, that helps golfers of all levels to achieve their best performance. Our teachers work hand in hand with the fitting aspect to ensure that the players are able to make the club work exactly how they want. A pre-planned structure ensures that both the player and the coach can track the progress of the player. Lesson programs have on course and launch monitor sessions included to enhance the understanding and experience of the players. The use of several training aids helps to build the adequate feel required to get the correct moves for the desired shot. All our lessons are inclusive of equipment, catering to the specification suitable to our clients. 


  • 40 minute individual sessions.
  • Options of single, five, 10 and 20 lesson package.
  • Course Lessons and Fitting Sessions included in packages.

  • Introductory Group session
  • Age Category –  5-10 years
  • Conducted on Friday and Saturday (9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.)

  • For children between 11-16 years.
  • Conducted by Senior Coaches.
  • Conducted on Friday and Saturday. (9 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.)

  • Group Packages for Corporates.
  • Options of Full Day Outing and 90 minute session.
  • Introduction to Golf and friendly competitive activities.

  • Unlimited lessons.
  • Free club build and repair services.
  • Free Access to Launch Monitor and Capto Device.
  • Free Access to all test clubs.
  • Free Equipment analysis and fitting sessions**

Epic Golf Fitting Systems

For many years, golfers have been devoid of equipment that is favourable to their body and swing characteristics, thus causing them to make compensations which hurts both their game and their bodies. We understand the different body types, physical strength and swing characteristics of players, and then build clubs which recruit the correct muscles required to swing the club in the most efficient and effective manner. One club doesn’t fit all! .

Fitting Philosophy

EPIC Golf Fitting Systems are derived from the theories of Proprioception and Positive Correlation. In simpler terms, one club does not fit all bodies and swings, and in all fairness neither do the current industry specifications. 

Having worked on the equipment of several professional and amateur golfers we have identified several variables, which when in positive correlation to a swing, can drastically shorten the player’s learning curve.

We use launch monitors in order to give the players the accurate representation of the improvements brought about by the change in equipment. 

We are also a CAPTO certified fitting facility, which enables us to work on different makes of putters

Epic Studio

Build, Repair and Customise - Epic Stix

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the tools required to give our clients the clubs that are most suited to them. We offer a wide array of services from Regripping of clubs to wedge grinding for varied bounces. Stamping, painting and other customization options are available for those looking to make their clubs EPIC.

Epic Tour

We strongly believe that it is imperative to grow the game at the grassroots, in order to create future champions. Through our tournaments, we strive to instil the true spirit of competition in the juniors. Our tournaments provide a platform for the children to showcase their talents and learn from their peers. Our efforts are dedicated to ensure the growth of golf amongst the future generations. We have conducted over 30 Junior tournaments in Bangalore since 2014 and successfully completed a Tour of 12 tournaments in 2018-19.  Due to the current scenario we are yet to announce any further tournaments. The future tournaments will be held in adherence to the guidelines and mandates of the government and the governing bodies of golf.